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We design and implement data-centered projects (including data collection, storage and analysis) and effectively integrate solution components into legacy IT infrastructures, thus helping customers achieve desired business effects.
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Depending on customers' needs and tasks, we employ various project implementation approaches, using the best practices, such as DevOps, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, as well as Oracle Unified Method which we adapted for business intelligence (BI), data warehouses (DWH), and reporting systems and apply in our integrated projects. We also use project document templates drafted and tailored to BI/DWH domain.
Banking #1
Banking #2
Banking #3
Oil and Gas
Passenger transportation
We deployed a Data Lake solution to
    • Collect data on all of the bank's clients
    • Count the number of contacts with each client and automatically block communication before a preset statutory threshold is exceeded
    • Aggregate data from 60+ internal sources, such as contact center, enterprise banking, marketing, and HR systems
    • Ensure fault tolerance and scalability
    • Leverage Cloudera and Hadoop open source technologies

    We deployed a Big Data system powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning
    • Over 600,000 active clients in the bank's client base
    • Bank now builds client behavior profiles and rolls out truly attractive personalized offers to its clients
    • Clients increase their brand loyalty and use more bank products
    We built an enterprise-class full-cycle data warehouse for all bank's key branches
    • Collecting and processing data from key enterprise recording and accounting systems for further utilization by business users
    • Automatic dashboard generation in line with customer's corporate design
    • User-defined report generation parameters
    • Easy-to-scale system
    • High performance and fault tolerance
    We designed and deployed an oil product demand forecasting and supply system
    • 18-month fuel sales forecast for 1,200 gas stations throughout the country
    • 45-day supply planning horizon
    • Multiple market factors taken into account (sales channels, marketing campaigns, working hours of different gas stations, statistics, etc.)
    • Analytical system powered by RapidMiner open source product
    • Up to 95% forecast accuracy
    • Optimal route, vehicle capacity and type
    • The system allows for selling excessive fuel, buying fuel from other market players, making SWAP deals (exchanging fuel without financial transactions), and selling a part of fuel on a stock exchange, in compliance with the legislation
    Over our long-term cooperation, we have completed many projects helping the customer make more informed business development decisions and provide better transportation services, including:
    • Single analytical base
    • Guaranteed maintenance of commuter trains and infrastructure
    • Uninterrupted and safe transportations
    • Centralized person inquiry processing and passenger service management
    • Monitoring of and prompt response to emergency (train delays, ticket office queues, ticket machine failures, etc.)
    • GLONASS/GPS train traffic monitoring, video surveillance and video analytics systems
    • Passenger notification tools: 160+ schedule displays at 25 railway stations and operator communications kiosks
    • Domain-specific database to collect information on ticket sales and income
    • Easy-to-configure and always up-to-date reports generated in just a second from hundreds of attributes relating to hundreds of thousands tickets sold every day and almost three million passenger passes through railway station turnstiles
    We moved a traditional data warehouse to EMC GreenPlum analytical platform
    • Quick data extraction from information systems
    • All data stored in one place
    • Faster report generation
    • Highest architecture performance achieved thanks to pre-project technological consulting
    • Hardware and software complex in customer's data center
    • Underlying special-purpose powerful equipment
    • End user training
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